At TICS, we are motivated to deliver a professional job every time for our clients. Below are a few testimonials that re-enforce our aim to exceed customer satisfaction at all times. It is positive that many clients recognise the dedication and support we offer them.

Abington - Beattock - Summit 650v renewals

...Thank you again for your support with these works and in particular this weekend’s successful stage commissioning.

Please thank your guys who turned out in poor conditions and I’m told ‘worked like Trojans’.

Mark W James - Group Managing Director - Rail - Linbrooke Services Limited

Rossington iPort

A warm thanks to TICS Ltd and its teams for their significant contribution to the completion of the Rossington iPort Project.

Not a large project, but complex in its nature and not straightforward - none of which is lost on me. The project could have unwound out of control very quickly had it not been for the involvement of TICS - so many thanks.


Colchester S & C Renewals Christmas 2019

Great result and well done to TICs Ltd for the support at Colchester this Xmas.  Thank you and well done


Stevenage Platform 5 Christmas 2019

The track record of TICS Rail Signalling, and my working history was discussed... with an overriding award of confidence given thereafter for moving into the main works.

Stevenage owed to the connections thereafter to Bedford would have very quickly become a national problem in the event of non completion of the works, and of course the Rt Hons Secretary of State for transport holds his constituency in the neighbouring Welwyn.

Well done.

Robert Cairns – Network Rail - Capital Delivery Director – Eastern Route

... being able to represent the project team gave me a great sense of pride as to what we have achieved together.

It’s worth noting that the original planned opening date for Platform 5 was September 2021 and that through a lot of hard work and excellent team working we have created a situation where passengers are now spending over a year less time on buses and back on the trains that they pay to travel on. This is a real tangible benefit that all involved in the project should be proud of.

As with all projects there have been a number of challenges along the way, the greatest of which has been the current pandemic and the direct and indirect consequences this has brought. The way that the whole project team has reacted, re-planning and redoubling efforts despite the personal difficulties this has brought to each individual is a tribute to those involved.

In spite of Covid and the other challenges we have faced, the project has been delivered safely, to budget, to programme and to a high quality.

Phil Daniel - Network Rail

The senior teams within the Wessex route and IP Wessex would also like to send our thanks and congratulate the team in the successful commissioning of Ashtead level crossing…achieved 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

This project was selected as a IP Wessex and Wessex route key milestone and as such features on all of the senior teams scorecards. It was also high profile due to the local MP being Chris Grayling and the fact that the LX provides the only means of access over the railway to the adjacent housing estate.

It is great testament to all involved that you overcome these challenges and in the end made this look easy.

Well done…and thanks to everyone involved.   Gary Green


I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work on the run up to commissioning and of course the commissioning weekend.

Everyone worked extremely hard especially with the time we had to deliver this project, I am so proud of every single person that made this project a success and done it in a safe way

Please extend to all your partners and suppliers that made this happen.   Jenny Fowler


Gary Green - Senior Project Manager - Network Rail

Jenny Fowler - Scheme Project Manager- Wessex

The support of the team from TICS has been intstrumental in helping SCNA deliver two challenging deployments over the last 3 months. At Thirsk 9point ends were delivered over 9 weekends involving a complete renewal of the signalling system whilst working ALO continuously with staged handbacks every week. At Micklefield and Peckfield the scale of the work undertaken and completed over the Easter blockade was huge and again the TICS staff worked tirelessly in the commissioning phases to ensure a successful RT handback…We are delighted to have TICS as part of our team.

Neil Johnson, I.Eng: FPWI - Alliance Director - S&C Alliance North

Just a quick note to say thank-you and well done for your efforts and hard work over this weekend, It was a great team effort. (98 hr possession, officially the highest profile Easter job on NR)

We had our challenges and at times it didn’t quite go to plan but using your experience and teamwork we were able to overcome these to deliver our fully planned works safely. I’m sure that we can reflect and learn lessons were necessary in the following days & weeks.

Overall an excellent weekend, well done.

Please pass on my thanks to our suppliers where necessary for their efforts including our core track gangs who again as always displayed their experience and leadership on site.

Many Thanks

Richard Flanagan Programme Manager – Infrastructure - S & C Alliance South

I have enjoyed working with TICS over the last eight months. Knowledge and communications have helped no end.

Byron Snook – Signalling CRE - S & C Alliance South

Please pass on our appreciation to your Team for you efforts and assistance in the successful delivery of the project. I know we experienced some unusual challenges whilst gaining access to the ROC as well as the usual disagreement in the meaning of “Wheels Free” but your proactive approach in overcoming the various challenges, especially those of Stage 1, made a difficult situation much easier then it could have been.

Many Thanks

Peter Hills - Senior Project Engineer/CRE Signalling – Track - S & C Alliance South

"Excellent, well done all. It is critical that we always achieve a right time handback – any and every late handback is a reputational disaster."

Phil Verster – Managing Director – LNE & EM Route

"Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts in ensuring this weekend’s commissioning was a success. The signalling was signed in circa four hours early and with one very minor test log which reflects very well on the work of the design and installation teams. Feedback from site indicates that the T&C works was undertaken in a very professional manner and of course the contribution of all team members in the lead up to the commissioning was vital in ensuring the success of the project."

Dave Howarth – Project Manager (West Coast) – Network Rail

 "A big thank you to everybody in our supply chain who contributed to the success of the Scarborough Bridge project. The blockade was handed back yesterday well ahead of schedule. Whilst work to the footbridge and other finishing/demobilisation works will continue up to Easter, credit must go to you all for your proactive contribution to this project.

This is one of the biggest projects we have delivered and whilst it presented its fair share of challenges, through careful planning and excellent teamwork we have proved together that we can deliver such large high-profile projects on time and to budget. The client are delighted and I’m sure we will receive further praise today. They are particularly pleased with our proactive collaborative approach. We have not received a single compliant from our neighbours during the core works – considering their close proximity, this is a huge credit to the behaviour of all involved.

We should be justifiably proud of what we have achieved. We have some amazing photos which we will share over the next few weeks. Very well done to you all."

John Slee – Story Contracting

 "...thank you and well done for the weekend’s successful commissioning. A lot of excellent and dedicated work has gone into achieving this, against the odds at times and not without some significant issues….you should all be proud of that."

Chris Nicholson – Scheme Project Manager – Network Rail

 "I would like to add my sincere thanks, appreciation and admiration for our signalling and civils teams that played a fundamental part in the success of this high-profile industry achievement. Well done and thanks."

Antony Noble – Head of Signalling & Civil Engineering – Babcock International Group

"The last three weeks have seen the S&C Team go from strength to strength. Not only have we managed to complete the Installation of Stainforth West Junction & Hatfield Slip but we have done wonders for the reputation of this Team.

To add to the above, at the request of the RAM (Pete Cushing) we have also managed to re-rail and fully stress an additional 1,200 yards on the down slow between Stainforth and Thorne Junctions. We have all displayed a great sense of determination and commitment to ensure that we completed what we set out to achieve. There have been numerous individuals from all stakeholders who have shown fantastic commitment and have gone the extra yard to ensure that we have been successful. We are now on target to re-open the route to the travelling public ahead of the original anticipated date. On behalf of myself and Network Rail, I would like to thank all involved for this fantastic achievement."

Lee Walker – Project Manager – NWR

 "Feedback from site was that your guys were excellent and really knew their stuff. Please pass on my thanks for their efforts. Cheers"

Tim Way – Network Rail

 "…write this thank you note, the efforts put in by yourselves and your teams over the Easter weekend are unsurpassed in my 25-year career to date and it was an absolute privilege to be involved in this remarkable, nay ‘Record Breaking’ effort…"

Andy Pearce – Production Manager – AmeyCOLAS

"Could you please pass on my thanks to your staff and contractors for a fantastic team effort over the weekend. To deliver a record breaking job at Crane St, together with another S&C job at Dudley Port and unloading S&C materials at Walsall was a great achievement. Much appreciated"

Dave Williams – AmeyCOLAS

 "...once again the TICs staff adapted to suit the circumstances. They assisted the designers in coming to a workable solution for how to get 2297 points and associate track circuits back working. The plan of how and when to sign the signalling back in to use changed a few times, but the testers kept answering the calls to discuss and give their input. …thank all the staff involved at Colton at the week-end, for their invaluable assistance in recovering a tricky situation. This ensured we completed the power changeover and signed all signalling equipment back in to use within the possession times."

Robert Blythen – S&C Development – Babcock International

 "I would like to express my personal thanks for all your hard work, commitment and dedication in the successful commissioning of the Stalybridge project. Considering the engineering challenges and complex interfaces needing to be overcome, it has been an exceptional effort and we should all take great pride from this achievement. Well done! We must enjoy the success of this achievement and look forward to providing full functionality of the layout by the 3rd December 2012; fantastic team effort."

Kevin Newbatt – Project Manager – Network Rail

"As you know Rochdale Re-signalling was successfully commissioned earlier this week and I would like to thank you and your team for the huge contribution you made. This project has been delivered as a collaborative and novel joint venture between enhancement projects and maintenance and we are delighted with the outcome. The commitment and professionalism of the TICS team was a credit to your company."

Jim Syddall–  LNW North

 "It represents the result of a very long and hard year of work. I would like you all to know how much I appreciate and value the effort, however great or small, that you have all put into achieving this result – thank you. This is a fantastic achievement for us all as a team. Please would you make sure that this gets to everyone who has contributed to our success."

Dave Fry – Lead Signal Engineer – Colas Rail

 "Thanks for all your input into the successful delivery and commissioning of this project over the weekend"

Paul Barnes-Gott – Scheme Project Manager – Network Rail

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